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About Speranza Theatre Company


Speranza Theatre Company is a non-profit women's theatre company and member of the New Jersey Theatre Alliance. Founded to provide an opportunity for artists, particularly females, to share their voices through entertaining and challenging theatre, Speranza presents professional theatrical performances, free readings of new works, and educational programming.

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To create evocative theatre, by and about women,

and educational programming

that promote equality, community, inclusivity, and collaboration.


Votes for Women Stage Production Apple Tree House


We are dedicated to developing and promoting the work of women+ at every stage of their careers,  and to empowering them to reach their full potential.

Federico Trigo and Heather Wahl Shakespeare at City Hall Jersey City, NJ Speranza Theatre Company


We celebrate our community by representing a multitude of voices in our productions and civic engagement programs to inspire people to action.

Alicia Rivas in Foodies Directed by Diana Basmajian Speranza Theatre Company



Our team is committed to offering opportunities for artists of all ages, ethnicities, gender identities, and abilities. Everyone is welcome.

History Alive by Jennie Contuzzi Speranza Theatre Company


We train and support the next generation of theatre artists; we provide arts education programs that promote life-long learning to a diverse community.




Speranza brings artists and audiences together to collaborate and share stories, centered on women’s issues, and create evocative and authentic theatre.


"Speranza Theatre Company has become an artistic home for me. I am honored and humbled for every opportunity to work with this group."

Diana Basmajian / Director

"From the Suffrage movement to the American Revolution, Speranza takes difficult stories from our history and brings them alive for young audiences. To see the faces of the children in the audience after watching a production is a gift."

 Betsy Sanders/ Actor and Writer



In alphabetical order. Please click on picture for bio.

Jennie Contuzzi,

Managing Director/

Interim Board President

Diana Basmajian,


Kimberly Bollard,


Michelle Davis

Board Member

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Bess Morrison,

Board Member

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Emily Miller

Board Member

Nicholas Radu-Blackburn

Board Member

Heather Wahl,


Executive Artistic Director

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Advisory Board: Patricia Krueger, John Pietrowski
If you're interested in joining our board or advisory board, please contact Heather Wahl by emailing

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