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The S.A.M.s

by Nicholas Radu-Blackburn and the Smiling Alpha Minions

The Alidocious Faction and the Pendragon Faction are at it again! These two kingdoms just never seem to get along. Each one suspects the other as the elders from each faction begin to disappear. Which side will come out as the victor? Are there other evil forces at work? Find out as you discover That Gnarly Thing That Happened in the Woods!


Alidocious Faction

King Alidocious 

Sheel “Genie” Chauhan


Olett Alidocious 

Sofia “Coral” “Fifi” Vargas


Rosemary Montes Almanzar 

Lucero Morales



Daniel Vargas 



Ayla Salgado


Pendragon Faction

Elizabeth Andromeda Pendragon 

Bea Persson


Sir Fozzy Rover III 

Kyler Chapman


Adelina Pendragon 

Caitlyn “Abigail” Valdivieso-Bustamante


Lars Stronghold 

Logan Woods


Lina Fundinger 


Celestia Juno Moon 

Michaella “Micha” Avegno



Conner Nelson


Aurora Flopington 

Indira D’Souza

Chadwick Oogy 

Sofia “Neon” Lennon


MICHA AVEGNO is very motivated and loves Harry Potter and she encourages people to be good!

KYLER CHAPMAN really like to dance and draw.

SHEEL CHAUHAN really likes theater and the person who inspires him is Will Smith.

INDIRA D'SOUZA likes to make other people laugh, and hopes you enjoy the show!


LINA FUNDINGER is five and likes cats and mermaids.

SOFIA LENNON is a very creative person and she loves lemons.

LUCERO MORALES likes k-pop and anime.

CONNER NELSON has worked really hard this week and has had a lot of fun! He hopes you like the show.

BEA PERSSON likes singing and writing fan fiction for Harry Potter and Percy Jackson.

AYLA SALGADO is a fifth grader who loves DIY projects and going for bike rides around town with her family.

CAITLIN/ABIGAIL VALDIVIESO-BUSTAMENTE enjoys drawing and painting animals in their natural habitats.

DANIEL VARGAS likes painting miniatures.

SOFIA VARGAS is a very caring person and likes being someone others can talk to when they need advice or comfort.

LOGAN WOODS likes the color green and likes dogs.

MR. NICK loves creating fictional characters and fantasy worlds and watching the kids bring them to life. He also loves board games.

The Stage Creators

by Asia Marche
and The Stage Creators

Two families are left to repair their lives after their town experiences a wildfire. The town only has a limited supply of food, water, and medicine. The families build community telling stories and learning about each other's past before the wildfire. Unfortunately, a group of dangerous characters that want to infiltrate the town and wreak havoc. They are all rescued by John Carter, the town lumberjack with the help of Philip -- a spirit that watches over the town.


Sutton Bailey

Ana Human, a cleaning lady

Annalyse Caceres

John Carter, a healthy old man lumberjack

Arjun D'Souza

Leslie Rodriguez, Paper girl w/ bike, doorwoman. Half elf/half human

Delilah Lowe

Phillip Old man tree (spirit)

Ethan Woods

Starling Rosy, an evil werewolf

Frieda Kermizian

Gwen Pops, an elf with magic snow powers

Genesis Perez

Katherine, a secretary, half ghost/half human

Leila Harrison

Bob Old Man Sheriff

Sachin Shah

A No-name Old Man. Lives in Snow Mountain

Theodore Haav

Jimmy Kid, an alien

Zachary Varghese


Asia Marche


SUTTON BAILEY likes ice cream, and mermaids & unicorns, but not in the ice cream. She is going into first grade.


ANNALYSE CACERES likes math and drawing and is going into 6th grade this year.

ARJUN D'SOUZA likes to hang out with friends and likes to play video games.

THEO HAAV likes playing video games and playing generally.

LEILA HARRISON enjoys writing and has great time this week!

FRIEDA KERMIZIAN likes flowers and she also likes to kill lantern flies.

DELILAH LOWE has lots of great ideas, and is very nice, so she's been a star at Speranza this week!

GENESIS PEREZ likes candy and since she is a very generous person, she always shares with her family.

SACHIN SHAH is eight and going into fourth grade.

ZACHARY VARGHESE likes watching TV and playing with his friends.

ETHAN WOODS enjoys playing board games with his parents.

MISS ASIA is a professional actress, producer and independent psychological researcher.

Thank you to Speranza's Summer Theatre Experience sponsor, Frederick Goldman. We appreciate you supporting Theatre Education!

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